Examkar GS Foundation: UPSC Civil Preparation Course

The GS Foundation program by Madhukar Kotawe is a comprehensive preparatory program that is designed to cover both the Preliminary and Mains syllabus. The program is offered in both online and offline formats, and it is available for students of all ages. The program is designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge that they need to pass the exam

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Introduction of India , Answer Writing Tips, Our Solar System, India census 2011,Geological Structure of india,Physical Classification of India , Classification of Himalaya based on Rivers, Peninsular Plateau , Great Plains of India,River & drainage,Coastal Plain,Monsoon,Forest Of India,Soil Of India, Drainage system of Ganga & Bhmputra ,Rivers of Peninsular India,Indian Climate

GS Foundation course duration is 1 year from date of Joining

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  • Classes 500
  • Duration 365